About Gametastrophe

A one stop information and community portal for gamers.  Gametastrophe is the collaborative effort of Danni Cherie and Taylor Blade who wish to put their passion for gaming into a project for others to use.  In addition to having content by Danni and Taylor, we are also supported by several other writers and contributors that make this site what it is.  By gamers. For gamers shopping - click.

Co-Creator / Writer - Danni Cherie is a very avid gamer.  Currently the Recruitment Manager for the Halo division in the PMS Clan, she spends most of her time in the gaming world.  She started playing the Atari when she was four, and grew to love games from that point on.  She has owned several consoles: the NES, SNES, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3,  Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii,  and Gamecube.  Additionally, she enjoys playing PC games as well.  A member of several other communities around the net, and a radio DJ for WTFRLive, Danni is the epitome of geek.  This site was made to be able to put her passion for gaming out there and to bring others together who had the same goals.

Co-Creator / Writer - Taylor Blade is a casual gamer with multiple systems on hand. For as long as he can remember, he has been playing games, and it is currently rumored that he was given birth to in an arcade. He is Gametastrophe's resident project junkie with a slight fetish for zombies. He is always coming up with new ideas and new events to bring to the table. He is also occasionally known to throw food at said table. His current projects dabble in animation, web design, coding, and even music. Additionally, he is a radio DJ for WTFRLive, an internet radio station, which is where he and Danni met.

Public Relations - Shane is a hardcore gamer who is doing something game related during most waking hours. His favorite game genres are shooters and RPGs. He started playing games in the arcade of his family's bowling alley from the age of two. Always willing to try something new or take on a challenge, he will pick up any game and give it a try. The same attitude is being brought to the table as a game reviewer. As a long standing member of the H2o clan for over five years, Shane has experience with large gaming communities.

Editor / Publisher / Writer - Roberto Patterson has two passions in life; gaming and writing. Since getting his 5 year old hands on a Sega Genesis controller and suffering countless defeats at the hands of Scorpion and Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat, Roberto has been an avid gamer, specializing in First Person Shooters and Role Playing Games. Roberto's interest in writing developed when he first started reading fantasy fiction novels like Sabriel, Shades Children and Haroun, and poems by the likes of Walt Whitman and Robert Frost. Working at Gametastrophe has allowed him to indulge both of these, and while doing most of his work behind the scenes as an Editor, Roberto also writes regularly featured ROM Museum.

Publisher / Writer - David Piggott has been a gamer since the age of three and an online gamer since joining Xbox Live in 2004. Better known by his Gamertag, Mcmax3000, he is a proud supporter of the Frag Dolls and member of their community where he has organized their weekly Community Game Night since early 2009. He games mainly on the Xbox 360 though happily owns all three current consoles, mainly in the racing and rhythm genres, though he can also often be found at the bottom of the leaderboard on the popular First Person Shooter of the moment. David writes regular articles and reviews for the site, usually based on one of the many games that he is in the process of playing at any given time.

Community Recruiter / Moderator - Spencer (zKrink) is our resident New York attitude. He is a 'beyond' competitive gamer whose main genre of choice is first-person shooters. When he is not shooting people in the face or raging about being shot in the face, he enjoys being a master chef and a bookworm. Spencer has also been caught on numerous occasions writing his name in graffiti on the bathroom walls. He has been known to keep the site founders sane and has taken quite a liking to our legion of pet zombies.

Writer - Despite popular belief, Green Team Tex is, in fact, not green. Tex loves to spend his time running the the A.G.L.A. Grifball League over on RoosterTeeth. He has an exstensive gaming background and is what most consider an older gamer. Tex could be described as jovial, easy-going and fat, unless he's on Modern Warfare 2 (he's still fat on that game, just not the rest.) Green Team Tex's spends his time on Xbox 360 because he says "Multiplayer is where the real fun is. I enjoy being able to share my gaming experiences with my friends."

Writer - Roy "Ranyos" Ranous has been a dedicated gamer since he first got his hands on a Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Mario Bros. 3. He is currently enrolled in college for a degree in communications so he can pursue a job as a video game journalist. He has been writing independently for the video game industry since 2005. His personal favorite genres include stealth action, first-person shooters, and RPGs. Roy is also a talk show host for his college's radio station, discussing the latest topics in the video game industry. His passion for gaming is surpassed only by his passion for his family; wife Melissa and son Scott.

Our community will always be by gamers, for gamers.  We will give the gamers a voice.  Why?  Because gamers never die, they just respawn with better weapons and a nasty attitude.